Money Issues

I have taken down the PayPal button.  So, until I find a replacement, I am going with the old-fashioned cash/credit method, either send me money by email (see contact page), which can be done these days, or pay in cash at the beginning of class.

Being an independent has its plusses but also has its drawbacks.  Unlike jobs/TA positions, that steady paycheque is a thing of the past.  I am lucky that I have a very small stipend, but I also do charge for the courses I teach independently, for music gigs, for CDs and downloads, and for published work, soon to be released through a major publishing house, or “purchased” via this site by those who wish to download essay or poetry material.

In addition, and no embarrassment in asking, if you appreciate the contents of this site, your contributions to its existence (and my own) will be gratefully accepted.  I will occasionally post “campaigns” for specific objectives, like a mini – crowd sourcing, and hope you will find that these are projects you would like to support.

Many thanks for your interest and contributions,  Y


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