The Prodigal Writer Returns – again!

Well hello all, again!!!

I don’t seem to be able to hang in here on a regular or consistent basis, do I?  The writer’s life can sometimes feel like an obstacle course, at least to me, it can.  As most of you might know, I am the mother of a grown daughter – who happens to be blind – and brilliant ! – and, since I came to Ottawa, it has been a frustrating experience for both of us that it has not been easier to replace those “mother services” with help from the community – so when I visit, as I did for Thanksgiving (Canadian, second Monday in October), there was a whole bunch of things that need to be attended to – which extended my visit considerably.  We had a great time, as we always do, but it did delay my return.  And then when I got home, I had troubles with all – all – my communication devices, so it has taken me quite awhile to sort all this out.  Even before that, daughter and I had attended the World Social Forum in Montreal, which was, as the kids say “awesome”.  We made a new friend, who put us up for the duration of the Forum – we were up and out early, and back in late, so we weren’t much there, just sleeping on her futon, but it turned out she was sleeping on the living room floor to accommodate us – a whole long story – but we were so touched by her generosity.  In the end, I think  all parties felt the exercise was worth while and we gained a dear comrade, which is always a wonderful thing.  The Forum itself was mind blowing, so many sessions, we could only manage a few, and then a few of the theme assemblies, and then a few of the key note speakers of the key themes: world wide resistance to capitalism, cultural hegemony and militarism;  the struggle for food and water security; and then finally, the fate of cities, especially mega cities under the threat of climate change. The last was especially interesting for my daughter who is a dyed in the wool urbanite, while I am seriously exploring “decroissance” – the “de-growth” movement.  Certainly gave much on which to ruminate.

I did manage, in May, to get two books up on Amazon, at least in e-text form, Disciple of Life, an anthology of poems, and Fethra and the Great Batwise Project, a children’s short story, originally written for my daughter when she was having, many years ago now,  the last of her operations for glaucoma. Both books need to be put up in hard cover and in audio, and in the meantime, another book has raised its head and is demanding to be written, so no rest for the weary digits.

So that’s all my hello again news.  As usual, I am hoping to keep this blog up to date, and, indeed, once I have finished this little re-intro – I will be posting an article, the substance of which has been on my mind for quite awhile now.

Blessings to all, Y


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