Long time no see

Wow, I have been out of the running for many months – sorry to all who visited, tried to converse, only to be met by a wall of silence. This year has been dominated by hideous dentistry – which I have now completed, thank heavens, and I have a bright new smile as a reward. It wasn’t all vanity – but a good deal of it was “remedial (necessary) vanity” for sure.  I survived it through the kind ministrations of a friend, who supplied chocolate ice-cream, pain killers and Buffy episodes, with dollops of laughter.  But between midweek visits downtown and weekend visits downtown, I just have not been home long enough to think, compose and participate.  I am hoping that the coming months will open up a space to do all that.  They say never tell the gods one’s plans – and that certainly seemed to have been the case with this – I put so much work into setting all this up  – only to let it lie fallow.  So I must hope that that fallow period will now yield some fruitful results.

I am in the process of applying for entry into a doctoral program in Religious Studies and that will be taking up some time/energy space too – but, at least I will be home for that and can manage (I hope) to stay plugged into my site.  The program is exciting and I will be posting more as the events surrounding this unfold.  And there are several writing projects that are underway and that I want to get finished and published – so we will see if I manage to accomplish the creative “to do” list.

I did buy I new guitar – which sounds so much better than the old one – I actually do sound like a real musician (will be posting on our Reverb Nation site – a lot of Helen’s Comrades’ news actually)  and so the music has been keeping me company all this while too.

Finally, for this post, I have a Yule Poem for 2K14 – which I hope readers will enjoy.

All the best in the coming Year, of health, happiness, justice and peace, Y



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