Immanential Devotions?

What in the world are “Immanential Devotions”?  The best way to explain what they are is to reference them to “transcendental meditations” from which they are opposite; rather than being about the sacred beyond the manifest cosmos, the immanent sacred is about the divine within the cosmos, in particular about the divine in the immediate world.  Rather than a vertical axis of devotion, the emphasis is on a lateral axis, on collaboration rather than aggregation; on developing an awareness of the immediate sacred and on honouring that divine immanence in all things.

This blog will be about exploring Immanential Devotions that inhere in Paganism, in Indigenous Religious Practices, in New Age (I should hope so) and in the modalities of drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, liturgical expression, theurgical work, even scholarship and in other forms which express this religious sensibility.

I hope that others will join this conversation – since that lateral orientation requires open channels as a fundamental requirement of immanential devotion.  Perhaps more critically, an exploration of such devotional practices may help reaffirm the validity of the immanent sacred, heretofore missing from the Western story.  There is a concensus that this absence is, at least in part, responsible for the creation of the current situation of crises converging upon us and that a restoration of that orientation might provide a salvic remediation.

I am new to blogging so I will end this initial foray with this single parting,

do something today that increases your own sense of the immanent sacred in your world.  Until next time


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