The motto of this site is “Witnessing across Arts and Genres”
Witnessing what? Our collective struggles toward a sustainable and equitable world.

The raison d’etre for the site is to provide a public forum for myself and comrades to earn right-livelihood, by doing what we love, within the frame of responsibility.

Still struggling with the technology – I am “old school” so it is a bit of a trial!
But – this site is being revamped to include several categories that are the core pursuits of my life:

1. Gessana House Publishing – under which you will find:
1.1 Notices of my work being published in hard copy/trade format, in E-Book and Audio-      Book formats.
1.2 Essays on Politics and Economy
1.3 Essays on Religion and Society
1.4 Poetry – some published elsewhere, some not yet.
1.5 Reviews (of books, films, TV shows) some published elsewhere, some not.
1.6 Short stories, fact or fiction.
1.7 Hegemony Watch Notes


2. SisterComrade/Helen’s Comrades Music – Have gone solo, now that I am living in Ottawa, but I started out as the lead singer and principal song writer for the band, Helen’s Comrades, under which our/my music is still published – but am now singing under performing name “SisterComrade”, a nod to both the previous musical combo, my vocation as a Sister of the Gessenican Order, and, of course as a Comrade! interested in social justice issues.  And here I will be publishing lyrics, links to recordings and performance schedules

3. Immanential Devotions – on Interfaith Danced Prayer and Practice – notes, class schedules and video links

4. CommuniKations F2F – Will post notices of upcoming courses (Mythic Movies, The “Book in Progress”) with class schedules, seminars and notes.

As for who I am? I hope to let the work here describe me to you.

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