Updated July 2020 (What a year, whew!!!)

The motto of this site is “Witnessing across Arts and Genres”
Witnessing what? Our collective struggles toward a sustainable and equitable world. 

Indeed, Witnessing Across Genres = WAGProductions.Org, the name of my business site, where you will find three projects:

  1. Gessenica House Publishing, through which my books are offered for direct sale, and at Kindle/Amazon.
  2. SisterComrade Music, where you will find links to my ReverNation, Soundcloud and Bandcamp sites, plus my music blog.
  3. La Mere des Rennes Ballet, on the  ongoing production of the ballet in all its details

This site, however is of a more personal nature. It, too, has three categories:

  1.  A Pagan Theology Mission: “Craft and Cosmos” – focusing on the work of Iamblichus of Chalcis, through Gregory Shaw and as applied to Western Craft.
  2. My Newest PhD project and very dire it is too: Rebellion versus Collapse, which is just what it sounds – looking at Civil Disobedience Movements in direct relation to Civilizational Collapse Studies’ predictions.
  3. A Personal Public Blog: adventures at the edge.

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